Grain Handling and Bins

We sell Meridian grain bins and grain handling equipment, along with fuel tanks.

Bale Wagons From Horst

Horst Wagons help you get from one field to another quickly, safely and is important for combine operators who don’t have a clear rear-view and need to rely on a steady trailing wagon.

Cattle Chutes

Arrowquip The Q-Catch 86 Series cattle squeeze chute gives every rancher the opportunity to purchase a world-renowned cattle chute! Featuring the most innovative design on the market, the Q-Catch 86 Series cattle chute will increase your productivity and keep vet bills to a minimum. The Q-Catch 86 Series chute is designed for easy access, ease of use, and offers ultimate safety to both rancher and cattle.


We have treated posts of all sizes, as well as barb wire, a load of other farm fencing, gates , panels and whatever you need. We also carry Gallagher electric fence supplies.

Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Central Boiler wood stoves are a leader in wood burning technology having been around for over 25 years they make to stove that you are looking for.