Texas Watermelon

Need we say more? Watermelon is a must-have for any occasion. And we look forward to keeping you stocked this summer.


All year round, we have a variety of bulk nuts, including unshelled peanuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts, and more.

Local Apples

Beginning in the fall we bring in delicious Ontario Apples available all through the winter months. We sell them in bulk boxes or you can buy them a pound at a time!

Bulk Prices!

Flour & Sugar & Oats – these you will find in various brands of 10 to 20 kg bags. This is great for bakers, large families, or anyone looking for a better deal!

Specialty Foods

From specialty cheeses to chocolates we carry a variety of foods we love. Where possible we bring in specialty items from Europe and all over the world!