Poultry Fountains, Feeders
and Accessories 

Galvanized, Double-wall Fountains
Our unique design uses vacuum to maintain constant water level. The cone-shaped top prevents roosting. Joints are rolled, instead of soldered to create tight fitting seams.

#2G – 2 Gallon capacity
#3G – 3 Gallon capacity
#5G – 5 Gallon capacity
#8G – 8 Gallon capacity

Farm-Tuff Easy-Fill Fountains
feature a funnel style fountain bottom, allowing for convenient filling of the fountain without removing the base.

#P3G – 3 Gallon capacity
#P5G – 5 Gallon capacity

Automatic Fountains
Rust-proof, dent-proof, and easy to refill and clean, the Farm-Tuff poultry fountain easily waters small chicks or full-grown birds.

#MJP-QT – 1 Quart Jar for MFP-P (Sold Separately) Packed 24
#MFP-P – Base Tray for MJP-QT(Sold Separately) Packed 24
#TF92 – 1 Gallon Poultry Waterer Plastic screw-together design
#TF92 fountain includes base and jar

Automatic Hanging Fountain
The hanging poultry fountain automatically ensures a constant water level at all times. Works with high pressure.


Top-Fill Fountains
These plastic poultry and game bird waterers are rust proof, dent proof and easy to fill. Sturdy construction and a rugged handle ensures long-lasting performance. The polyethylene water jug snaps easily into the base and a vacuum-sealed cap controls the automatic water flow.

#P3G04 – 3 Gal. / 2.4 Imp Gal. / 11.36 L
#P5G04 – 5 Gal. / 4 Imp Gal. / 18.93 L
#P7G04 – 7 Gal. / 5.6 Imp Gal. / 26½ L

#RW-3G – 3 Gallon

Bulk Feeder and Cover
– spill proof base – 6 lb capacity – 7½” high x 11½” base dia.

#R-2004 – Bulk Feeder
#R-2004 – cover

Plastic Poultry Feeder
Our plastic hanging poultry feeders use 3 adjustable metal clips to hold the pan to the tube, and to allow for 5 different feed flow rates. Pan is plastic; handle and clips are metal.

#PHF6 – 6 lb capacity
#PHF17 – 17 lb capacity
#P25HF – 25 lb capacity

Galvanized Feeders
The galvanized hanging poultry feeders use 3 adjustable metal clips to hold the pan to the tube, and to allow for 5 different feed flow rates.

#25HF – 25 lb capacity
#50HF – 50 lb capacity

Galvanized Slide-Top Feeders & Fountains
The 6″ diameter, galvanized baby chick feeders have an easily removable top and can be used for dry feed or water. Slide-top poultry fountains are the perfect way to feed a flock of growing chicks. The top  removes for easy refilling.

#6R – 6″ diameter

#12ST – 12″ length
#24ST – 24″ length

#12F – 12″ length, galvanized
#24F – 24″ length, galvanized
#36F – 36″ length, galvanized
#48F – 48″ length, galvanized
#P24F – 24″ length, poly

Poultry and Game Starter Kit
Includes all the basic necessities for caring for a new flock of poultry. Jump start your hobby with this handy all-in-one kit.

#07477 – Includes #R2004 chick feeder, #TF92 waterer and #2QTP feed scoop

Poly Feeder Base
This new feeder base is made in Canada from high impact poly propelene and fits 1 quart mason jars. Available in four different colours.

#50095 – G
#50095 – P
#50095 – R
#50095 – Y

Plastic & Metal Scoops
Rust and dent-free, a plastic scoop is the economical solution for hobbyists and for light-duty use.
While, couple the sturdy, galvanized construction with the large, easy-grip handle and you have a long lasting, heavy-duty feed scoop.

#2QTP – 1½ Quart Plastic Feed Scoop
#4QTP – 3 Quart Plastic Feed Scoop

#2QT – 2 Quart Metal Feed Scoop
#4QT – 4 Quart Metal Feed Scoop
#6QT – 5 Quart Metal Feed Scoop